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GFP-213 Brown marble pedestal fountains

GFP-213 Brown marble pedestal fountains

GFP-213 Brown marble pedestal fountains

Dimension: H=200cm

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Granite and marble water fountains

Freestanding stone fountains

Large outdoor granite and marble fountain with surround

Carved stone water fountains for garden, yards and patio.

Basalt pillar fountains water features



1.Our natural stone water fountains,outdoor fountain,marble fountains, include tired fountain, fountain with surround, basalt water pillar fountains, stone sphere fountain, statuary fountain, animal fountain, wall fountain, carved stone water fountain, rock water features and so on.

2.They are a popular choice for garden and outdoor because they capture the beauty of artistic sculpture and provide the sounds of flowing water.

3.The stone fountains are carved out in variety of contemporary and traditional styles and shapes including - human figurines, fairies, birds, animals, flowers etc.

Marble Colours

Brown marble, white marble, green marble, red, pink,  beige, travertine

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