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Home > Meditation Stone Buddha Statue for Home and Garden or Patio

Meditation Stone Buddha Statue for Home and Garden or Patio


The Buddha Statues are a popular garden ornaments whether or not there is a Japanese theme or you are inclined towards Buddhism.

Granite buddha statue

Japanese garden


The Reasons why we need place the Buddha on garden?

1)The Buddha is the most factor of Oriental Culture, and there can't be many more serene sights than a  Buddha, perfect if you want to introduce a peaceful eastern theme into your garden.

2)The Buddhism statue are a happy landscape ingredient to gladden the heart. Because of the Buddha is willing to share his fortune with anyone who believe him and wealth, good luck and prosperity are sure to follow.

3)The Buddha will dispense a feeling of quiet meditation, you will feel the peaceful if you near it.

4)The Buddha could make your garden into an  ideal refuge from the stresses and strains of the busy modern world.


The Buddha is one of a range of oriental pieces from Joyfull Stone, if you like the oriental style garden decorations, welcome to customize.

 Granite Stone Buddha Statue


The project of Oriental Garden Decorations

The meditation buddha statue which we made for a customer from United State, the photos are the feedback from the customer, he likes it be in his patio yard with serenity meditation and joyfully daily life.


As the hobbyist of Zen Buddhism, the customer is planned to building the Oriental style garden, so we recommended the Buddha statue, pagoda, lantern, stepping stone with inscriptions, Kanji etc.

large stone buddha statue



H=150cm L=120cm W=90cm


Grand size Hand-carved granite buddha statue


Size: H=150cm L=120cm W=90cm


Weight :2500KGS


Among these oriental style stone products, the Buddha statue is the most special, the customer request the hair and cloth should be distinguishing with the other part, so our brilliant sculptor polished the hair and cloth by hand.

Polished Large Buddha Sculpture


The finished Buddha statue is highly praised by customer. We receive the real scene picture after he finished the build garden. We are very happy as well, the customer's satisfaction is our obligation.