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Home > The Terracotta Warrior Statues Stone carvings and sculptures

The Terracotta Warrior Statues Stone carvings and sculptures

The Terracotta Warriors is a sculpture who is based on the Terracotta Army, a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, who was obsessed with immortality. After his death in 210 BC, Emperor Qin was buried at the center of a grand necropolis complex that had started construction when he first ascended the throne, and the army of statues, including thousands of soldiers and numerous horses and chariots, was placed in military formation close to his tomb to protect the emperor in the afterlife. It is a form of funerary art buried with the emperor.

Chinese farmers digging a well near Xi'an discovered Emperor Qin's burial place, as well as the Terracotta Army, on March 29, 1974. Since then, the complex has been under continuous excavation.

Till now, about 8,000 of them were found. Each life-sized statue is said to have been handmade with different poses, expressions, and clothing.

Besides the Terracotta Soldiers hundreds of other types of statues and artifacts have been discovered at the site. These include statues of horses, chariots, government officials and even entertainers. Also; numerous bronze weapons have been found.

The soldiers are life-size statues with an average height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters). An amazing facts is that all the soldiers are unique; they are sculpted to appear different ages, with different facial features, various hair styles, different clothing, and even different expressions; for example some look calm whereas, others look aggressive.


The Terracotta warriors from the identity of the distinction, there are two major categories of soldiers and military gentry. The general soldier does not wear a crown, while the military officer wears a crown. The crown of an ordinary army soldier is not the same as the general’s crown, and even the armor is different. Among them, the infantry includes infantry, cavalry, and troop. According to actual combat needs, warriors of different arms have different equipment.

The largest number of warriors are soldiers warriors. Most of them are armed with different bronze weapons. They wear armored armor and have chest color, wounded crests.

The military corps wore a long crown and was more numerous than generals. The General warriors are the highest rank among the current warrior statues.

The quantity is very small, and the characteristic is that the head carries the double curling tail crown, tall and burly.

The General warriors are also the Hot seller our custom warrior statues

General warriors

Archers were important attack force in Qin’s army who were supposed to start attack with a rain of arrows.  These warriors wear campaign gown and light armor to protect their torsos and shoulders to ensure swift movement with some protection.

The squatting archers and the standing archers took turn to shoot while kneeling archers are mainly the defending force.

Kneeling Archers

Warriors’ face, body, expression, eyebrows, eyes and age are all different.

The statues were originally painted. After being buried for centuries most of the paint has been worn off.

The Terracotta Soldiers were made with standard molds for the various body parts. After the pieces were assembled unique features, such as mustaches and facial expressions, were added to each one.

All of the statues are works of art with an incredible attention to detail.

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