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Home > 5 Types of Roman columns Architectural Marble Decorations

5 Types of Roman columns Architectural Marble Decorations

The Roman Column, it does not actually originate from Rome, but from Greece. The philosophy, aesthetics, and science of ancient Greece were brilliant and the architecture was mature. After the Romans conquered Greece, they grafted the Greek architectural system and other cultures to form Roman culture. Then, through the Roman conquest war, they affected the entire Western world. Among them, the pillar style of ancient Greece was favored by the Romans. And continue to evolve and develop, forming a set of sufficiently rich architectural language, and spread to all the world slowly.

The European-style architectural originated in ancient Greece and inherited in ancient Rome; the ancient Greek style is the body, and the ancient Roman style for use. Three basic columns have appeared in the ancient Greek period. Named Greek Doric type, Ionic order, Corinthian Order! In the period of ancient Rome, the Romans refined the column type and added two column types, namely: the Tuscan column type and the Composite order. Now, we call the five types of Roman as the "Roman Column".

The Roman column is divided into three parts: column base, column body and column head (column cap). Because the size, proportion and shape of each part are different, and the treatment of the pillar body and the decorative pattern are different, so there are different pillar styles. Now, let us introduce the below 5 type of roman pillar.

1. Doric Order

The Doric order is the oldest and most simple of the Greek Classical Orders, the Doric Order arose during the seventh century BC. With rudimentary lines and aesthetics based on the proportions of the male body and its robust archetype, it was employed in Greek buildings in honor of male deities.

The Doric order is a column without a pillar base, which is directly placed on the stepped base and is made up of a series of drum-shaped stones one by one, which is thicker and grander, the column head is not decorated. The surface of the cylindrical body is engraved with continuous grooves from top to bottom. The number of grooves varies from 16 to 24.

The Parthenon of the Acropolis of Athens uses the Doric order.

2. Ionic Order


The Greek Ionic Order is characterized by relatively slim and beautiful, the column body has 24 grooves, the column head has a pair of spiral scrolls decoration, the Ionic column form has a strong sense of streamline, representing women's body, Ionic column is also known as the female column.

This type of column is slim, light, and full of exquisite carvings. The column is long, thin at the top and thick at the bottom, but has no arc. The groove of the column is deep and semi-circular.

The top of the column is composed of a decorative band and two connected large circular scrolls located on it. The scroll has a roof beam directly on the top. In short, it gives a relaxed and beautiful femininity.

Due to its elegant and noble temperament, Ionic columns are widely used in many buildings in ancient Greece, such as the Temple of Athena Nike and Erechtheum.

3. Corinthian Order


The Greece Corinthian Order is more slender than the Ionic order column. It is similar to the Ionic order except the capital is decorated with carvings of acanthus leaves.

The column head is decorated with Acanthus, which looks like a basket full of flowers.

The proportion of column height to column diameter is 10: 1, which looks slender and tall; there are 24 grooves on the column body; they have scroll-shaped decorative patterns on the four side, and there are two rows of leaf decorations around it, It is very gorgeous and delicate.

It may first appear in the Temple of Zeus on the Olympus Mountain in Athens.

4. Tuscan Order


Conceived by the Romans, this Tuscan column order is a reinterpretation of the Doric order. At seven column widths in height—one width less than the Doric column—it presents formal simplicity and therefore also structural simplicity. For Vitruvius, it is "suitable for fortifications and prisons." 

Unlike the three models of Greek origin, where the shaft is fluted, in this order the shaft is smooth, aiming at simplification.

5. Composite Order



Developed from the union of the classical Ionic and Corinthian orders, this order is the most elaborate of the five architectural orders. With Ionic scrolls and Corinthian sprouts and acanthus leaves, this order features an overlap of ornament. The column is typically ten column-widths in height.

The Roman column is accompanied by a long history of cultural stories and has a profound cultural heritage. On many occasions, especially in some European and American buildings, we can see the Roman column


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